Program - Making an intervention in the shopping floor of Dekel Center in order to maximize the potential of the businesses by creating a connection between them. The connection will be visual and physical, and will be done first, by arranging the existing businesses according to areas of common interests. The new arrangement will change the way people move in space - walking around the center instead of walking inside of it - this change will create interest and curiosity.

The walls in the shopping center will be made of glass. Elements that allow the creation of interaction between businesses will be added, such as large windows for providing fast services. Between the businesses will pass a continuous element that will create a visual path made of a uniform material - wood, which will imply that all businesses are part of a whole. The element is used as door lintels and high bar tables. In addition to this element that unites, another element was designed, one that differentiates, used as sales counters, seats and shelves for display. The materials of this element varies depending on the function that a specific segment is used for, and depending on the "personality" of the business. This way, despite of the unity created by the wooden element, businesses can still let their personality show.

Bavli's  shopping center renovation

Segments from the furniture element, in which each business selects its segment material that best shows its personality and suits the desired function

Technical details - connecting elements

A video showing the renewed center

Isometry | Scale 1:10
Joints between wooden element and glass wall

Tempered glass

Wood panels

Aluminium profiles


Steel Profiles  

Wooden element joints

The wooden element will be made of wooden boxes connected by hidden steel profiles. The space inside these boxes will be used for various functions, such as containing the shutter which closes the store at the end of the day, or a surface that can be pulled out in order to increase the work surface size, and more.

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