This project was designed for an elementary school class with ADD students. The main issue I focused on was creating a design that would help the students entering the classroom come in calm and focused after playing outside at recess. Therefore, I designed a passageway with soothing natural elements, referring to all five senses: a small vegetable garden which refers to the senses of smell, taste and sight, a soothing water element which refers to the sense of hearing, and a seating element shaped as a tree trunk with natural textures referring to the sense of touch. Besides of  being a passageway between the inside and the outside, this space was also created for students who feel like they need a moment to themselves, they can quietly get out of the classroom and relax in this safe place without interrupting the rest of the class.

An integrated learning space
Designed for 'Habiluim' elementary school

The space I designed for 'Habiluim' elementary school, is a passageway that separates recess time from class time. This space is located right above the stairs leading to the second floor, right before the classroom entrance.

Reinforced concrete ceiling

Wooden lintel

Glass planter

Tree trunk shaped sitting element

Wooden parquet

Lighting system

Glass planter


Drainage pipes


An object designed for this space is a planter, located in a low glass wall. The top part of the wall is made of plaster and has a lighting system in it which helps the plants to grow and contributes to the atmosphere of the room.

Reinforced concrete floor


Second floor         

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