'Twisted Beauty'

The program - The project started with a reaserch of today's window mannequin, the reaserch showed that the average mannequin is dramatically thinner than the average woman, this has a lot of bad influence on young girls' body image. The distorted proportions in the fashion industry have inspired me to come up with the 'Twisted Beauty'  project - A metaphorical and interactive display window which was located at a shopping mall. A boxy space made of tempered glass, one of it's layers is laser cut according to a contour of a mannequin, all the glass layers are connected with cables. The interaction begins when a person enters the space, the window is big enough for anyone to enter, but as one tries to approach the mannequin, the proportions get smaller and the cables feel tighter and tighter and make it impossible to go through. The lesson this project is trying to teach is that no one can fit into these twisted proportions given to us by the fashion industry as the beauty ideal.

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